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Cross-posted from this here forum thread.
I know you're about to say you're poor but how is this for a pitch: Maybe you could be poorer???


Hey all! I'm offering some small Flash-made animation commissions in the style of a game I made a couple of months back.
Here's a few samples from it (click for blown up versions):
Animation Sample 1 by EggHeadCheesyBird Animation Sample 2 by EggHeadCheesyBird Animation Sample 3 by EggHeadCheesyBird
If you'd be interested in seeing a character of your choice animated to this quality then please read on because I'd love to work with you to make it happen.

BASE PRICE: $20 USD, this gets you one character in an animation 5 seconds or under and one simple background if you so desire (nothing more complex than the example in sample 3)
ADDITIONAL FIVE SECONDS OF ANIMATION: $7 USD, this is per moving character appearing in the piece and might fluctuate depending on how much additional asset creation is required


What format will I get my animation in?
Whatever you like! Since they're short animations I'll assume most people want gifs they can stick on their blog sidebars and such but if you want HD video, a raw .swf, or even the flash source file then that's all fine. I can also provide you with your animations at multiple sizes.

Can I pay you hundreds of dollars and get a full-length cartoon?
Although I'm not ruling out ever taking on something like that -I know a lot of people want their big stories animated- I'm afraid it's not practical for me right now. This is for short loops and clips only.

Does it have to be drawn in your doofy style?
That would certainly be easiest for me! I'm using the game I made in November for samples because I'm going to be using the same pipeline for creating these and it's suited to these cartoony kinds of characters.
If the design of the character you want animated is simple then I might be able to emulate the style to your liking, if it's something realistic or very detailed then I'll strongly recommend we work together to simplify and stylise to something I can work smoothly with.
If you absolutely MUST have my animation be totally on-model with a pre-existing image then I can create assets by tracing and animate from those. I don't really advise it for quality reasons though, I think you can always tell when something's been traced.

What if I want a ten second animation but for one of the characters to only be moving for half of it?
Then you won't be charged for that character for that section of the animation. I'll work together with everyone to make sure every commission has the most efficient pricing.

Who owns the copyright?
You but I reserve the right to share what I make here and on my artblog etc in order to promote my services

Can you add sound, music and voice-acting
I'm afraid I can't make those things myself. HOWEVER if you provide me with audio before I start work then I'm more than happy to create you something around it and send you a video!

What if the finished product isn't what I wanted?
The solution's going to vary, if there's a few small tweaks I can make to increase your satisfaction after delivery then I'll be more than happy to get on that. Anything more drastic (a sudden big change, a detail you forgot to tell me in your initial instructions) might require an additional cost. If it really doesn't work out then you'll have a refund and my apologies but so long as you're specific about what you need and understand my limitations I don't think we should have this problem.

Does it have to be an original character?
Nope, I'm happy to make you stuff using your friend's OCs (hey it's a great Valentines Day gift just sayin'!!) or characters from popular media though please bear in mind what I said previously about the style they'll be drawn it. 

Can you animate my weird fetish?
Probably! Get in touch!

How soon will my animation be ready?
Exact dates obviously depend on if I get backed up or not but BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY. This is a three-week gig for me right now to test if selling these is viable so I won't be taking on more than can be finished by that time.

Can I see other examples of your commissioned animation?
You may! although they're a wee bit old. I also got paid to do a lot of the animation on this Sandeep Parikh cartoon

Can I feel free to ask you anything in this thread, through notes, or through the email address EggHeadCheesyBird @ Gmail . com>

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